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Kids are the most wonderful experience that we are able to have in our life! We watch over them and protect them. In order that nothing happens to them, we organize parents’ evenings in order to provide all information that you need to take appropriate preventive measures, and give your kids a well filled piggy bank for their start into adulthood.

Our neutral parents’ evenings keep you informed of everything.

Only the best is good enough for children.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Parents’ evenings

Our parents’ evenings are free of charge and last approx. 90 minutes.
They take place at our office at Nymphenburger Str. 14, 80335 München (FiNUM.Finanzhaus AG – 1st floor, right). Please register here for your desired date because the number of participants is limited.

Your desired appointment is not included?

Just write us an email - of course we will inform you in regard to future appointments.

You do have specific questions already?

You do not want to attend a parents’ evening, but have already specific questions which you want to be answered at an individual consultation appointment? Contact


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How am I able to shape my kid’s financial future on its way into adulthood?

To raise kids is not only beautiful but also expensive.

Until your kid is economically independent, many expenditures can come towards you - hobbies, driving license or education/studies and much more.

In order that your kid’s wishes do not fail for financial reasons, we present different possibilities to you.


To which risks are kids exposed, and how can I provide financial security against those?

We wish only the best for our kids. But we do not like to think about risks. However, in case of an emergency we want the best provision possible and financial compensation in case of invalidity. We show you appropriate solutions.

Protection in good time does not only reduce risks but protects against far-reaching consequences.

What do I have to consider for myself in order to provide my family’s financial security in the future?

Our offspring is not only emotionally depending on us parents, but also financially. Hence it is important that you do not only mind your kid’s protection but also your own.

Protect yourself against financial implications of e.g. occupational or total disability, illness or death. If the worst comes to worst also your kids are affected.

We present you the most important legal provisions as well as all necessary private safeguards.

Who we are

We have specialized in counselling of young families.

As finance and insurance brokers we develop individual solutions for our customers for many years. Due to the diversity of possibilities and the number of products (for kids), the numerous concepts for young and old, and, last but not least, their appropriate combination and supplementing, are incalculable.

Our experience ended in the desire, to pass our complete knowhow on to parents like you -the birth of kids, consultation by parents for parents. Make our acquaintance at one of our parents’ evenings, we look forward to meeting you.

All of this we made a matter very close to our heart.

Knirpse Team - Jörg Strüber, Ina Lackerbauer, Philipp Leyk
Knirpse Team - Jörg Strüber, Ina Lackerbauer, Philipp Leyk

Jörg Strüber

Telefon 089/5880 5455 0
Mobil 0151/5877 1100

Ina Lackerbauer

Telefon 089/54 849 – 108
Mobil 0176/83 10 48 58

Philipp Leyk

Telefon 089/54 849 - 119
Mobil 0152/53739502

How we do advise

Independent and fair

As finance and insurance brokers we are not committed to any product provider, but only to you, our customer. The result. A fair and independent consultation as well as a comprehensive and neutral information in regard to chances, perils and costs.

The cooperation with more than 500 providers, inter alia from the segments asset management, real property, financing, insurance, and more safeguards our independence.

DEFINO®- Individuality versus run-of-the-mill

We advise you IAW DEFINO®, the Deutsche Finanznorm, i.e. per - for you - comprehensible, objective and measurable criteria.

The Defino®- expert’s report, the mirror image of your personal life and family situation, provides you as our customer und us as your counselor with specific recommended courses of action.

Defino® is absolutely neutral and recommends as a result no particular provider resp. his products.

Your own Defino® status will be updated persistently. That is why Defino® will adjust to your and your family’s actual life situation, time and again, in order to issue the most appropriate courses of action.


Consumer protection

Defino® does not recommend any provider or his products. That is why we also meet the requirements of the German consumer protection organizations.



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